Last night we had a great lecture from Hanny Van Arkel at the Vereniging Christiaan Huygens in Papendrecht. She discovered a new kind of astronomical Read more
    This is my first image with my new TMB-92 telescope. I performed 90% of the processing of this image for the first time Read more
Last year (2013) I visited with my wife and children for the first time a holiday house in Daun, Germany. There I got in touch Read more
This image of M51 was taken over a period of about 4 years. My first image ever taken was of this galaxy and recently I Read more
Imagery of M51 taken during the last two nights by myself (luminance) with a TEC-140 and imagery in RGB from beginning this month by Michael Read more
NGC 4631 is a big beautiful spiral galaxy seen edge-on (bottom left) only 25 million light-years away towards the small northern constellation Canes Venatici. This Read more
Recently I have been working on image data from M81/M82. The image was a combination of my own data together with the data of Michael Read more
Recently there was a supernova in M82, the Cigar galaxy. Last 2 nights I could image this supernova together with the ‘sister’ galaxy of M82, Read more
Recently an image of M33 was posted on this site made by Michael van Doorn and myself. By searching for some papers on the internet Read more
Recently I have teamed up with Michael van Doorn to make some imagery of M33. Michael uses a Celestron C11 with Hyperstar at f/2. This Read more

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