Educational materials

ANW lesmateriaal astronomie (Dutch)

Uitleg Speciale Relativiteitstheorie

Article about astrophotography in the classroom in the NVOX for Dutch science teachers…

Co-author of Dutch Physics books ‘Natuurkunde Overal

Workflow description for lunar/solar processing

Astronomical Photo of the Day

May 3, 2012 – M106

May 10, 2013 – M77

April 22, 2015 – Barnard 344

August 12, 2015 – Exploding meteor in Milky Way

February 3, 2016 – M81 and M82

Ciel et Espace

June 2013 Discovery of a moving star in M57[endsection]

Astronomy Magazine

M77 processed by ESA based on my Hidden Treasures entry

Sky at night magazine

May 2012 – Wizard Nebula

June 2012 – Cover CD moon

July 2012 – Moon

September 2012 – Cover CD sun

October 2012 – Sun

November 2012 – North America Nebula

January 2013 – Cover CD Cygnus constellation

February 2013 – Cover CD Sun

March 2013 – Heart Nebula

September 2013 – Cover CD NGC 4725

October 2013 – Cygnus Wall

September 2015 – NGC 6914

Bad Astronomy Blog

M106 Hubble processing

Cygnus constellation

Close up of a glacier

Moon mosaic

Purple sun

Ring Nebula

M51 The whirlpool galaxy

M81/M82 with supernova SN2014J

M106 High resolution professional data

Sky and Telescope

March 2014 Barnard 344

May 2014 M45

September 2014 Cygnus Wall

November 2014 M31

Beautiful Universe 2015

M27,  cooperation with Terry Hancock and Fred Herrmann

Cygnus wall in NGC 7000

Barnard 344 in Cygnus

M57 Ring nebula, cooperation with Terry Hancock, Fred Herrmann, Mathijn Ippel and Mike van den Berg

Solar prominence July 1, 2012


Heelal April 2013 M57


Zenit December 2013 (Nova DEL 2013)

Zenit March 2013 (cover image and article)


Article in Astrobulletin (March 2011) about astrophotography


Article in newspaper about Night of darkness in Papendrecht

Article in newspaper about exhibition in town hall Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

Article in NRC (Dutch Newspaper) about Hubble competition (28/08/2012)

Article in ‘De Ingenieur’ (21/12/2012)

Article about Night of the darkness in Ridderkerk 2012

Article about exhibition in Utrecht in AD/Dordtenaar (21/06/2013)

Article about ‘astronomy photographer of the year 2013’ in AD/Dordtenaar (09/08/2013)

Article in the Volkskrant 28/03/2015 about astrophotography

Article in AD/Dordtenaar about my book ‘Treasures of the Universe’


Astronomy photographer of the year 2013

Astronomy photographer of the year 2014

Scientific papers

ION GPS congres paper 1998 – water vapor estimation using GPS

GPS nieuwsbrief 2000 – water vapor estimation using GPS

Journal Geophysical Research 2000 – water vapor estimation using GPS with KNMI

Physics and chemistry of the Earth 2002 – Tropospheric delay estimation using GPS and InSAR

Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2005 – Tectonic research with GPS in Romania











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