Here are some solar images made during the past few weeks using my Lunt 60Tha / ASI174mm combo. 22-05-2023 27-05-2023 04-06-2023 09-06-2023 10-06-2023 11-06-2023 21-06-2023 Read more
This image is an experiment I did using data from the GONG h-alpha network. I wanted to show the development of some solar filaments that Read more
Some images of the last 2 days of the sun. There was a huge filament coming over the solar limb that made a lift-off in Read more
What a week for solar imaging this was. Very nice filaments and spots on the sun and much activity. Here are some images from the Read more
By now it's already 5 weeks ago that the Total Solar Eclipse took place in the US which millions of people looked forward to for Read more
Already over a month ago we could enjoy the Mercury transit over the Sun. Yesterday I looked into the SDO satellite data archive to look Read more
Today was one of the rare occasions that Northern lights were visible from the Southern part of the Netherlands. I went into the polder to Read more
  The sun as imaged in H-alpha on 08/09/2014. Telescope: TMB-92SS Camera: DMK21-618 H-alpha: Lunt LS75 Read more
Telescope: Robtics ED110 with Herschel prism and Baader solar continuum Camera: DMK21   Read more

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