M51 RGB with 11 billion years old quasar

Imagery of M51 taken during the last two nights by myself (luminance) with a TEC-140 and imagery in RGB from beginning this month by Michael Van Doorn (www.dutchastrocolors.com) using his Hyperstar C11.

Telescopes: TEC-140 / C11 hyperstar
Camera’s: QSI583ws / SXVR-H18
Exposure time: 14h (70×10 min L, 120 min total RGB)

The inverted image shows the inverted luminance. Several small galaxies are visible.

Also on the image is my furthest object ever recorded. This is a quasar at 11 billion lightyears distance. This means we see this object as it was only 2-3 billion lightyears after the Big Bang.  (Quasar info)




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