Planets/Solar system objects

This image shows the region around Barnard 150, aka the cosmic seahorse and SH2-129, the bat nebula with Outers-4 inside it. This region has a Read more
Wow, I never dared hope for this one. Every year, Royal Museums Greenwich holds the 'astronomer photographer of the year' contest in which the best Read more
By now it's already 5 weeks ago that the Total Solar Eclipse took place in the US which millions of people looked forward to for Read more
Comet 2014/Q2 Lovejoy taken from Siding Springs, Australia using the Tzec Maun Telescope. I only could use 6 x 1 minute of data (I had Read more
Last year (2013) I visited with my wife and children for the first time a holiday house in Daun, Germany. There I got in touch Read more
This is my best Jupiter image until now I think. Yesterday I caught about 8 RGB series with my C11 and a 2.5x powermate of Read more
Last night I went to Kinderdijk to photograph comet Panstarrs. The result can be seen here:   Here is an animation showing the comet setting Read more
Tonight I took the opportunity to photograph comet Panstarrs that is racing through our skies now. Unfortunately the focus was not perfect, but it is Read more
This morning I had a great view from my son's bedroom window showing Venus and the Moon. Later when I checked the image it showed Read more
Here is an image taken during the opposition 2012 of Jupiter with its moon Io. A nice transit was predicted, but unfortunately about 2 minutes Read more

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