Recently there was a supernova in M82, the Cigar galaxy. Last 2 nights I could image this supernova together with the ‘sister’ galaxy of M82, which is M81, aka Bode’s galaxy. Michael van Doorn also made images of the same area with his Hyperstar including a lot of H-alpha data. Michael shared his data and I combined this with my own imagery. I used Michael’s data for the color because the luminance contained quite some gradients we couldn’t remove enough to get the IFN (integrated flux nebula) out. 

The limiting magnitude is about 21,0 and that’s quite deep for luminance data from a 14 cm refractor. In the inverted image galaxies with magnitudes ranging from 20.5-21.0 are shown.

In total about 23h of data was used.

TEC-140 / QSI583ws: Luminance 13h (77×10 min) / RGB 3,5 h (21×10 min)/ Ha 1,6 h (5×20 min)
Hyperstar C11 / SXVR-H18: RGB 1,5h (45×2 min) / Ha 1,75 h (21×5 min)
C11 / SXV-H9 @ f6.3: Luminance 1,3h (8×10 min)

I even detect some IFN (Integrated Flux Nebula) in the image from my very light polluted (Bortle scale 7-8) location.

Filters: Astrodon LRGB (no LP filters used) / Astrodon 3nm H-alpha




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