Variable stars

Recently an image of M33 was posted on this site made by Michael van Doorn and myself. By searching for some papers on the internet Read more
Recently I found that the images taken for the Digitized Sky Survey around 1990 are about the same image scale as the images I take Read more
Here is a nice image comparison of 1990 Digital Sky Survey data and my image of 16th August 2013: Here an animation is shown of Read more
A new nova was discovered in the constellation of Delphinus on August 14 18:00 UT. I was able to start imaging within 5 hours of Read more
Recently I have started with observing variable stars. For this I have been measuring v363 cas and its surroundings. In this area four/five nice variables Read more
Shown here is a lightcurve measured of a binary star system transiting each other during a rotation period. Read more

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