Last night I went into a neighboring park to make images of the Lunar Eclipse. Luckily weather cooperated very well, so that I could shoot Read more
High resolution (300m/pixel) mosaic of Copernicus crater and surroundings. About 40 images were used for this mosaic. This time I insulated my C11 with thermal Read more
Here are some images made on the 13th of January 2014 under good seeing conditions.Images were made using a Celestron C11 @ f10 with a Read more
Here is some lunar imagery I took on the early morning of June 1st 2013 using a C11 at f/10. Seeing was very stable showing Read more
Yesterday we had quite a good seeing in this region. The stars showed nice diffraction rings so I decided to make some moon imagery using Read more
Here are some lunar images taken with the C11 at f/10 Read more
This morning I had a great view from my son's bedroom window showing Venus and the Moon. Later when I checked the image it showed Read more
Today after months I used my C11 again to make some moon images. Seeing was not the best, but still it resulted in some nice Read more
In July 2012 my 107 image lunar mosaic was chosen as hotshot of the month in Sky at Night magazine Read more
This moon mosaic was made during the national star observation days. It was made using a C11 at f/10. 107 images were made using a Read more

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