What a week for solar imaging this was. Very nice filaments and spots on the sun and much activity. Here are some images from the Read more
Telescope: Robtics ED110 with Herschel prism and Baader solar continuum Camera: DMK21   Read more
Here are some images and an animation taken on the 8th of July 2013 using my Lunt-60 solar telescope and Robtics ED110 with Herschel prism Read more
Today there was a nice sun after a period of 2 months of clouds. AR1654 gave a nice sight and the sun showed quite some Read more
Today it was a sunny day, and I had the opportunity to take some nice solar imagery... Sunspot 1575 in H-alpha with the Lunt 60 Read more
AR1520 as seen on 12/07/2012 Read more
Imagery of AR1519/20 taken in between cloud passes on 12th July 2012. This was one of the larger sunspots until now during this year. Read more
Here are two images made shortly after eachother on the 30th of June 2012 Read more
Sunspot 1515 on 30-06-2012 Read more

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