IC59/63 Gamma Cas – Deep, deeper, deepest…

This image shows the extended nebulosity around IC59/IC63. This nebulosity is very rarely found on imagery, and as far as I know only a handful of images showing this nebulosity can be found, where most of them only show a very weak impression of the nebulosity. With this image I hope to challenge people to image this beautiful region and maybe even bring out more details. It’s really worth it!

The image was processed with astropixelprocessor and after that the starnet++ script in pixinsight was used to separate the stars from the nebulosity. Using Niktools the nebulosity was sharpened and stretched to show more detail in the final image.

Telescope: tmb92ss
Camera: qsi583ws
Exposure: 183x900s (46 h) with an astrodon 5 nm H-a filter