LDN1235 Shark Nebula

This image shows the result of my imaging sessions in the Eifel, Germany during my holidays last year. When I was there we had 2 very clear nights and 2 nights with some high clouds. I decided to go for a dark nebula as these are impossible to image from where I live.

This image shows the Shark Nebula (LDN1235) in the constellation of Cepheus. This is a nice cloud of gas and dust which is highlighted by the light of nearby stars.

Telescope: TMB92 @ f/5.5
Camera: QSI583ws
Mount: Skywatcher EQ6

L: 53 x 600s
R: 9 x 600s
G: 9 x 600s
B: 9 x 600s

Total 13,3 hours