Solar filament development

This image is an experiment I did using data from the GONG h-alpha network.
I wanted to show the development of some solar filaments that I also imaged myself in July last year and that showed a very nice development in the days they were visible.
I gathered data from the period from 4th of July until 16th of July with 2 day intervals from the GONG network and processed them in such way that I overlayed the images showing the filaments as they rotated with the sun during this period.
Clearly can be seen how the filament changed on the southern hemisphere and you can even see it as a prominence when it rotated away from Earth. On the northern hemisphere there was a large filament that ruptured during this period and lifted off, which can be seen as it suddenly dissappeared.
I like the result and it gives a nice idea of the activity of the sun in this period.
Credit: GONG data were acquired by instruments operated by NISP/NSO/AURA/NSF with contribution from NOAA. Processing: André van der Hoeven (