Lunar and solar deconvolution

Download the following programs:

Astra image 3.0 PS (photoshop plugin) –

This program costs $39,95 or about 30 euros. It’s well worth the investment and will give you the opportunity to really get much better results. A trial version is available on the site.

I have done several comparisons using wavelets in different programs but they never gave me the same quality as I obtained with deconvolution on solar and lunar images.


Now you open your image in photoshop and we will use astra image to improve the quality.

The stacked image from the stacking example is shown here:

Select from the menu: filter -> astra image -> lucy Richardson deconvolution

Set the settings as shown here, and press preview to see what the result will be, then press ok.

Now select from the menu: filter -> astra image -> maximum entropy deconvolution

Take over the settings (change PSF size to 1.00) and press ok to process.

Now you will have your finished image. Save it somewhere with all the other images ready for mosaicking in the next step.


Before deconvolution:

After deconvolution:



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