Solar image in H-alpha with a Lunt-60. Some very long filaments were visible. Watch them as they go over the solar edge. And a more Read more
Solar activity as seen on 30-09-2012 with a Lunt 60. Time-lapse of 2.5 hours.... [local /wp-content/uploads/2012/10/solar_activity_30092012_colored.avi Download video] Earth is shown to scale... Read more
Today it was a sunny day, and I had the opportunity to take some nice solar imagery... Sunspot 1575 in H-alpha with the Lunt 60 Read more
Here are some solar images made on 01/09/2012. Camera: DMK21-618 Telescope: Lunt 60 BF1200     Read more
Sun in h-alpha 15/07/2012 Read more
AR1520 overview seen on 15/07/2012 Read more
Active region 1520, which gave a nice show on 12th July 2012, is leaving the visible solar disk. Bye, bye! Read more
Just 1h after the big flare (X1.4) I caught this image using only 3s of image data just before clouds took away all view of Read more

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