Recently I enjoyed my holidays in Vandans, Austria. Just before this holiday I could pick up a Nikon D810a from Nikon HQ to try it Read more
This image was taken on several clear nights between 03/06 - 11/06/2015. Images were taken by myself with my TMB92 and by Tim Schuurman (a Read more
A dramatic study in contrasts, this skyscape features stars, dust, and glowing gas in NGC 6914. The complex of nebulae lies some 6,000 light-years away, Read more
Image taken during 2 consecutive nights with my TMB92 and QSI583ws. 55x600s = 9,1 hours lum Intriguing to me is the huge galaxy cluster that Read more
NGC 7000 is also known as the North America Nebula with the so called Gulf of Mexico. In this area the Cygnus Wall can be Read more
  Recently I attended a lecture from Jay Gabany at our national astrophotography meeting about intensifying colors in your images. I decided to work on Read more
Recently I made images of M101. Color was not perfect yet, but then I got a message from Irving Pieters who offered to share his Read more
Simeis-147, also known as SH2-240, is a supernova remnant between the constellations of Auriga and Taurus. It is also known as the Spaghetti nebula because Read more
Full resolution on Flickr Published on Bad astronomy blog About 2 years ago I worked on a mosaic of Messier 106, made using images of Read more
  Recently I started working on crawling through some science databases of several large telescopes to see what data can be found in these archives. Read more

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