NGC 7000 with a 100 mm Canon lens

NGC 7000 with a 100 mm Canon lens
Recently I bought a geoptik adapter to attach a Canon lens to my SXV-H9 ccd. I also bought a Canon f2.0 100mm lens to start making widefields…

This night I made my first test at home of the setup. It consists of the SXV-H9 with the canon lens on an EQ6 mount without any autoguiding or other steering during the imaging.

I made images of 300s with my H-alpha filter (4,5nm) with the Canon lens at F2.8 (using a round ring in front of the lens). I noticed severe deformation of stars in the corners so I decided to go for f4.0 in the future, because I noticed the deformation almost completely disappears then. Then I need 10 min exposures, but without autoguiding and a good polar alignment it showed not to be a problem at all. Even 20 minutes is possible as far as I can see now. The final result was astonishing for me, I even see the trunks in the pelican nebula… I will certainly go making more images with this setup…


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