NGC 6914 HaRGB – CCD/DSLR combination


This image was taken on several clear nights between 03/06 – 11/06/2015.

Images were taken by myself with my TMB92 and by Tim Schuurman (a fellow astrophotographer) with his 20cm Newton telescope.

At the center of the image two blue reflection nebulae are visible. The one on the upper right is called VdB131, the central one VdB132, together with the surrounding clouds forming NGC 6914. They are located in the large hydrogen cloud, which is part of the large cloud complex in the constellation of Cygnus. This large cloud ca be found at a distance of about 6000 lightyears from Earth.

Just to the upper right of VdB131 three stars in a row can be found. The upper right of these stars is V1515 Cyg, which is surrounded by a disk of gas/dust, that can be just seen in the image.

In the lower right corner of VdB131 the protoplanetary nebula GN 20.22.7 is visible in the image.

Telescopes: TMB92 / 20cm f/5 Newton
Camera: QSI583ws / Canon 350Da


30x600s Red
30x600s Green
27x600s Blue
25x1200s Ha

Canon 350Da (cooled):
145 x 5 min ISO 800

Total: 35 hours

Credits: André van der Hoeven ( / Tim Schuurman (


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