Diamonds in the Sky – A visit to London

On Monday 17th of June I went to London to visit the Diamonds in the sky exhibition in London. At this exhibition artwork can be seen made by Roksana Ciurysek based partly on my images.

At the Annoushka Jeweller store I had a meeting with Roksana and could I look at the images myself. I was nicely impressed by the results.

Here are some impressions:

Me at the entrance of the Annoushka store with the exhibition.


Roksana and me in front of two of the images at the exhibition.

Right: Swan an image laid in with Swarowski crystals based on my Barnard 344 image. Left: Part of image made by Tom O'Donoghue.

Flames (left) and Gulf (right). Two of my images made into artwork by Roksana.

Detail of the Gulf showing the effect of the lighting on the aluminium print.



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