Barnard 344 / LBN 234 Spitzer style


Barnard 344 is a dark nebula in the constellation of Cygnus. It’s located close to the star Sadr in the Gamma Cygni Nebula. Barnard 344 is located on the bottom of the image. (An annotated version can be seen here.)

This region is very rich of dark and emission nebulae. On the image also VanDenBergh 130, a reflection nebula in this region, can be seen. LBN234 is an emission nebula glowing with hydrogen and sulphur.

The image shown here is very different from the ordinary images that you often see of nebulae because this image is fully taken in the deepred part of the spectrum. Images were made in Hydrogen-alpha (656nm), Sulfur (673nm) and Near-infrared (>807nm). They were combined in a Spitzer satellite like palet that is often used for infrared imagery.

Near infrared = red
Hydrogen alpha = green
SII (sulphur) = blue

Telescope: TEC-140
Camera: QSI-583
Mount: Skywatcher NEQ-6

H-alpha: 6 x 1800 s (3nm astrodon)
SII: 3 x 1800 s (3nm astrodon)
Near infrared: 4 x 300 s (Baader 807nm Ir-pass)

Below is the hydrogen-alpha stack of the region shown.




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