A bat, a seahorse and a squid meet a comet

This image shows the region around Barnard 150, aka the cosmic seahorse and SH2-129, the bat nebula with Outers-4 inside it. This region has a lot to offer to astrophotographers and is quite challenging to capture well.

This image was made during our holidays in the Eifel in Germany. Weather forecast was not good for this week but somehow I still got 3 (partly) clear nights in total.

Furthermore I was able to use an OIII dataset from Wei-Hao Wang that he made in 2016 from the Outers-4 nebula inside SH2-129. I got his permission to use his data (all his data can be found via astrobin and they are really a great resource!).

I had planned to image this region already quite some time before but when imaging the first night I noticed there was a comet in the field of view. This was comet C/2023 E1 Atlas. The evening after it was already gone from the field of view, so I guess I was lucky to have caught it.

Nikon D810a – WO Spacecat 51

15x300s / 51x600s (9.75h)

OIII (Wei-Hao Wang):
Nikon D800 (modified) – Borg 90FL

22x480s / 35x360s (6.5h)

Total: 16.25h