M81/82 very deep exposure with IFN

This image is a continuation of an image I made in 2014 of the M81/82 galaxy group. I made the images and found signals of integrated flux nebula surrounding the galaxies. Soon after that I got in touch with Neil Fleming who had a splendid image of the IFN in this region on his website and a fellow astrophotographer, Michael van Doorn, who had imaged the galaxies using his hyperstar setup.

We decided then to combine the data and create a deep field of this region. The lower magnitude visible is around mag. +24 in this image!

I decided to look at this image again with 2022 software possibilities, new sharpening and noise reduction tools, and see if I could squeak out even more details. I think this resulted in one of the deepest images I have ever seen of this region.


Neil Fleming:

TMB203/SBIG-STL6303E  L: 48×15 min

Michael van Doorn:

Hyperstar C11/SXVR-H16  RGB: 45×2 min  H-alpha: 21×5 min

André van der Hoeven

TEC140/QSI583ws  L: 77×10 min  RGB: 21×10 min  H-alpha: 5×20 min

total 34,5 hours