M106 Hubble with ground based color layer
Here is the final result of my M106 hubble processing. Unfortunately the F435W and F814W data were not clean enough to generate a good color image. So I decided to combine the Hubble data with groundbased data.

This is comparable with what was done with the famous Carina Nebula image of Hubble where also groundbased data was used for the color information.

The luminance image was made using the F555W ACS data of project ID 11570 of Adam Riess. 14 images were used to create the mosaic.
The H-alpha data was gathered from hubble image HST_9788_76_ACS_WFC_F658N_sci

The blue layer was generated from the Hubble F435W data of the same project and mixed with the data from the color layer.

For the color data a ground based image made with a 20” telescope at Kitt Peak was used. This image was used with the kind permission of Adam Block.

Credit color layer: Adrian Zsilavec and Michelle Qualls/Adam Block/NOAO/AURA/NSF

Full resolution can be found here.

This image appeared as an APOD on 03-05-2012.


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