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Moon mosaic 18 Mp - 107 images - 03-03-2012

Posted: 03/04/12

This moon mosaic was made during the national star observation days. It was made using a C11 at f/10. 107 images were made using a DMK21-618. The images were stacked (Autostakkert V2) from 30s movies (1800 frames) of which the best 25% was used for stacking. Post-processing was done using astra-image and mosaicing using Imerge.
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The image on this page is a bit reduced version. For a full resolution go here

Telescope: Celestron C11 f/10
Camera: DMK21AU618
Mount: NEQ-6
Exposure time: 107x30s (60fps)
Object: Moon
Date: 03/03/2012
Location: Wijngaarden ZH, Netherlands
Published: bad astronomy blog
Awards/Nominations: Hotshot of the month, BBC skyatnightmagazine July 2012

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Moon mosaic 18 Mp - 107 images - 03-03-2012

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